General Availability and Tour Routing for 2017

Robt Sarazin Blake lives in the most northwest corner of the most northwest city, of the most northwest state in the lower 48: Bellingham, Washington. He is generally home May-Sept and available only on weekends or for special occasions. Every summer you can find him on Thursdays at Boundary Bay Brewery and in August at The Subdued Stringband Jamboree.

The rest of the year (Oct-May) he tours performing in small rooms for small groups of people far and wide. He regularly tours the east coast, west coast and middle west of the United States. Most years he makes a tour in Europe including Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands.

Robert is also interested in going to new places, so please drop a line!
As the contractors say: Free Estimates. No Audience too large or too small.


For Posters & Album Sales:
Michelle Demers-Schaevitz

For US Booking:
Robert Sarazin Blake
360-306-0477 mobile

For 'Recitative' and Tour Publicity:
Eberhardt Smith

Für Buchungsanfragen in Deutschland kontaktieren Sie bitte:
For Booking in Germany please contact Wiebke:

For Booking in Ireland:
Zena al Nazer
Satchmo Entertainment
Tel: 00 353 86 873 3030

For Personal Correspondence:
Robert Sarazin Blake
PO Box 3154
Bellingham, WA 98227


photo by nikolai fox