Robt Sarazin Blake Dutch Debut More Than Successful


STEENDAM - There are those artists that makes you wonder why they are not on the bigger stages. Robert Sarazin Blake is one of those artists. In his first and only appearance on the Dutch stage booked by Peter and Leni Steendam made in Blake, despite illness, so his next two performances had to cancel a big impression. His style pending between Bob Dylan and who? Powerful lyrics which he brings his vision of American society forward, but also beautiful personal tales he spent half singing and half-telling. On this tour Blake is musically assisted by Thomas Deakin, himself a gifted singer, but especially saxophonist, trumpeter, tin whistler and a particular virtuoso on the clarinet that he unfortunately had left home. Outside the Netherlands, the United States, Ireland and Germany, Blake is a greatness in the smaller rooms. With his characteristic style he had, in one song, won the audience in Steendam. With Deakin on saxophone, it seemed as if Blake’s stage would blow. Although he already took into account the limited space remains an instrument with a decent volume. Deakin, who also plays with accordionist and singer Luke Hicks, proved his class on trumpet and flute and soon had the volume of the sax at the right level. Blake also proved himself an excellent musician on guitar. No tricks, but gold fair play, based on mastery of his guitar and with some jazzy and blues influences of his blazer. Or maybe it was just the Irish influences of the tin whistle gave that musically a very interesting mix. As a singer-storyteller Blake has little to prove. A series of strong albums had already demonstrated his ability and his performances in Steendam confimed this. The song 'Dingle to Tralee' as well as the narrative about his grandparents ‘Butte. M. T.’, from his recently released album Robt Sarazin Blake in addition to songs from his previous work A long series or Memorable knights forgotten’s ‘Storms in November’ are gems. Add to this that both men remain quietly with both feet on earth and showed themselves very charming on stage and you have a very successful concert.