Put it All Down in a Letter (2012)

“The album exudes an unpredictable and sometimes dangerous charm.”
- Dan Bolles, 7 Days (Vermont)

“Rarely do I get inspired to play 17-minute songs on my show...This is folk-noir at it's best. These songs are like an excursion into someone's consciousness, as if you just found a diary or a box of private letters by the side of the road...An astute stream of consciousness whirlwind.”
- Jon Colcord, WSCS Out of the Woods.

“I first heard of Robert Sarazin Blake this past Sunday night when I was driving home from my radio show and heard Gene Shay on WXPN play ‘I Didn't Call You From Philadelphia’ - a great song.”
- John Weingarten, WPRB

“I’m right now listening the most fabulous upcoming album ‘Put it all down in a letter,’ smiling and signing as usual. Robert Sarazin Blake is one of the most creative songwriters on the planet.”
- Margaret Bikman, The Bellingham Herald