A Margin of Millions(you’re fired!)

everybody knew he was lying
even those who thought he was god
They couldn’t explain their thinking
wouldn’t look behind the facade
they just knew he made them feel better
than they’d ever felt before
he was their guy they could not deny
their chance to be restored

not all of them were rich and greedy
though a lot of them were
some of them were needy
needing someone to adore
someone who told it like it is
using language rough and clear
they got a kick from this hotel prick
famous for saying you’re fired

I believe in you he said
the uninformed are my friends
I’ll tell you what’s true he said
the start the middle and end
the newspapers are lying to you
they don’t want you to be right
I’m gonna make this nation once again
a great place to be white

then the people they knew started dying
from a disease they couldn’t see
their man kept on lying
telling them not to believe
The snowflakes and the libtards
slack bellied and soft spined
but disease doesn’t wave a flag and it leaves the dead behind

it’s hard to turn around when your on a path
even harder to switch teams
it’s culture it’s tradition
it’s what you believe
but it’s hard to defend the behavior
the lies make you tired
7 million in November said hey buddy you're fired
by a margin of millions
hey buddy you're fired

your fired, undesired,
our country in shame you have mired
your meat that's expired

your exit is required, no longer admired
you haven't been rehired,

by a margin of Millions
hey buddy you're fired